Why Personal Injury Cases Demand Strong Trial Readiness

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February 20, 2020
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February 24, 2020
By Matthew Maddox / February 20, 2020

Here’s an elemental point about life in general: You have to be committed to victory to win.

Put another way: It’s hard to prevail if the other side sees that your head is not really in the game.

Most of us learn that lesson rather early in life, don’t we? Its applicability rings true across virtually every conceivable dimension.

Including law, where applied acumen and effort are flat prerequisites for any legal team duly focused upon obtaining optimal results in litigation matters.

We know that to be intimately true at The Maddox Law Firm, LLC. We are established pro-victims’ lawyers who advocate diligently on behalf of valued clients from multiple offices in southwest Connecticut.

We note on our website that the firm’s representation in personal injury matters has been firmly informed from its outset by “an intense drive toward justice and advocacy.” And we stress our belief that an optimal-results approach mandates a, “Prepare for court every time, for every client” approach.

Of course, a given case might ultimately settle. When it does so in terms that favor a Maddox Law Firm client, though, that is often because the firm stood fully ready to take it to trial and prevail on the merits.

A proven personal injury legal team’s aggressive approach toward securing a best-case result for a client will tightly focus on every conceivable avenue of recovery. Victims of negligence in personal injury matters (whether an auto accident, construction mishap, premises liability incident or something else) can potentially secure broad-based remedies that spotlight medical costs, future rehabilitation outlays, lost wages, pain and suffering and additional factors.

Experienced legal counsel will thoroughly probe every aspect of a personal injury matter, including the full identification of all accountable parties.

Connecticut individuals and families that are adversely affected by third-party negligence can take proactive and aggressive legal action in response. A seasoned team of personal injury attorneys with a demonstrated background in trial advocacy can help them fight for a maximum money recovery.