Tessa Garcia

About Tessa Garcia

Meet OurLegal Assistant

As a summa cum laude graduate of Sacred Heart University with a major in Psychology and minor in Criminal Justice, Tessa’s commitment to advocacy is unparalleled. She continuously identifies problems within the justice system and provides analytical and creative solutions to further our transformative work.

Tessa is the Legal Assistant for the firm, with a focus on criminal case management. She is responsible for overseeing the firm’s relationships with court personnel including clerks, bail commissioners, probation officers, and case-flow coordinators so that our clients’ matters can progress smoothly and predictably.

Prior to The Maddox Law Firm, LLC, Tessa worked diligently with an investigator for a public defender’s office in New Britain, CT.

In her free time, Tessa practices leadership as a coach for the Maria Regina High School soccer team, maintains a work-life balance by spending quality time with her friends and family, and studies to increase her expertise in preparation for law school.

“Being a part of this team is fulfilling. We enable each other to learn from one another and grow together. We add each of our unique strengths to a person’s case so they receive the best possible experience and outcome.”

– Tessa Garcia