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Personal Injury Settlements

Wrongful Death Settlement, Recovery Not Disclosable – June 2023

Stamford accident involving bicyclist and two automobiles. Because of Maddox Law’s deep experience in criminal defense AND personal injury litigation, we were able to advocate for family and protect their future.

$240K – Pedestrian v. Auto – May 2023

Stamford resident receives settlement five times the initial offer for traumatic and permanent ankle injuries after she was struck by an automobile while crossing in a marked pedestrian crosswalk.

$240K – April 2023

Maddox Law wins for Norwalk resident with long history of prior back and related injuries, after clearing through insurance company attempts to take advantage of prior medical history.

Entire Policy Paid – Auto Accident – April 2023

Insurance Policy paid in full to Bridgeport resident struck head-on by speeding motorist. Case clears way to pursue additional compensation from large, self-insured corporation.

$85K – Auto Accident – Jan 2023

Important win for Stamford resident who was in her seventies and suffered lower back and neck injuries in auto accident. Despite insurance company efforts to minimize her pain and suffering and an original offer of $10,000.00, Maddox Law multiplies our client’s recovery 8 times the original offer after a two-year fight.

Payout Triples Original Offer – December 2022

Shopping plaza pedestrian with prior healthcare issues struck by car, knocking him to the asphalt. Maddox Law’s extensive medical records study and advocacy result in six-figure settlement

New Canaan Resident Receives 100% Insurance Proceeds – September 2022

After auto accident caused post-concussion syndrome, resulting in employment impact and struggles with activities of daily living, Maddox Law wins entire policy and clears way for additional compensation from second policy.

$2.3M – Traumatic Brain Injury – Sep. 2021

Seven-figure settlement against intoxicated motor vehicle operator. Our client suffered critical, life-threatening, and traumatic brain injuries, including cerebral hemorrhages and skull fractures.

$90K – Auto Accident – August 2021

Stamford resident who suffered head and back injuries receives a $90,000 settlement against the insurer for a drunk driver who failed to stop at a red traffic control signal.

Auto Accident – August 2021

Ridgefield resident receives settlement, three times the initial offer, for cervical and lumbar injuries suffered in a three-car accident, against two auto insurance companies.

$250K – Auto Accident – July 2021

Greenwich resident receives $250,000 settlement for a collision in which the defendant made a restricted left turn in front of our client’s vehicle, which caused serious head spinal cord injuries.

$2M+ – Wrongful Death & Dram Shop Claims – May 2021

Maddox Law recovers multiple million-dollar settlements, exhausting policies against driver and several restaurants where driver had been drinking before fatal crash. Recovery included settlement in excess of Connecticut statutory maximum.

Six-Figure Settlement Pedestrian v. Auto – March 2021

Stamford resident burned in car accident and ensuing fire was paid total insurance policy proceeds from multiple insurance policies.

$225K Auto Accident – March 2021

$225,000 settlement for Norwalk bicyclist who was suddenly struck by an intoxicated operator of an automobile, causing major and permanent trauma to his right elbow.

Six-Figure Settlement Auto Accident – December 2020

Six-figure settlement for New Canaan resident who was forcefully rear-ended by defendant, causing the plaintiff to suffer from a traumatic brain injury, post-concussion syndrome, cognitive difficulties, and memory loss.

$1M+ – Wrongful Death, Recovery Against Home Health Agency – December 2020

Seven-figure settlement against Stamford corporation for our client’s tragic death, caused by the negligent failure of a home health aide to provide proper attention and care.

4x Original Offer – Auto Accident – April 2020

Mother and daughter’s head-on collision results in a settlement four times the insurer’s initial offer.

$97K – Auto Accident – March 2020

A self-employed Stamford woman receives $97,000 settlement after rear-end motor vehicle collision causes anxiety, PTSD, sleep disruption, whiplash injuries and lost wages.

$1M+ – Auto Accident – Jan 2020

Road rage incident results in motor vehicle collision causing severe post-concussion syndrome. Mediation results in a more than $1 million settlement.

This Is What Tireless Advocacy Is, Money Recovered After 7-Year Fight

2016 assault threw unsuspecting client to the ground, causing him to suffer contusions and eye injury. Maddox Law filed Prejudgment Remedy Application attaching bank accounts. Despite defendant leaving country, Maddox Law persisted and forced banks to pay out from the attached accounts.

Criminal Defense Results

Early Dismissal – Family Violence Education

The Maddox Law Firm obtains an early dismissal of the Family Violence Education Program despite the State’s objection based upon the defendant owning firearms and ammunition.

Nolle – Wrongfully Charged

After prolonged fight and private investigation conducted for client wrongfully charged with Sexual Assault 2nd Degree, Nolle entered for client, securing clean record scheduled dismissal.

Probation Only – Misdemeanor Conviction

The Maddox Law Firm wins a misdemeanor conviction and probation for a client charged with a Felony Stamford DUI and originally facing 120-day mandatory jail sentence and up to two years in jail

Nolle – Evading Responsibility

The Maddox Law Firm obtains a nolle for a client charged with Assault 3rd Degree, and a non-moving infraction substituted for evading responsibility after a hit-and-run.

Nolle – Evading Responsibility

Client’s Evading Responsibility case nolle’d after Firm conducts investigation, including securing video that disproved allegations.

Nolle & Fine – 1st Degree Larceny

Protracted litigation and negotiation, including independent defense investigation result in $1,000 fine for plea to misdemeanor and Nolle of several much more serious charges, including Larceny 1st Degree.

Fines Only – DWI

Client facing mandatory jail time in Stamford and Bridgeport courts for violations of DWI driving restrictions and Violation of Probation, pays fines and is released from probation.

Fine Only – Conspiracy & Narcotics

After multiple pretrial conferences, client with extensive similar criminal history, including a substantial prior narcotics conviction, pleads guilty to conspiracy to sell narcotics and receives a non-jail, fine-only sentence.

Nolle – Breach of Peace

The Maddox Law Firm resolves the case of a man charged with multiple misdemeanors arising out of his late-night attempt to gain access to a private residence and altercation with the homeowner with a plea to breach of peace and probation. All other outstanding charges were nolle’d.

$250K Settlement – Car Collision

Greenwich resident receives a $250,000 settlement for a collision in which the defendant made a restricted left turn in front of our client’s vehicle, which caused severe head spinal cord injuries.

Erasure of All Charges

Fairfield county man charged with threatening, strangulation and disorderly contact receives dismissal and erasure of all charges (and arrest) after completing pretrial counseling.

Fines Only – Evading Responsibility

Man charged with evading responsibility after leaving the scene of an accident involving an overturned motor vehicle ultimately pays fines connected with two motor vehicle infractions in full satisfaction of the charges.

Probation Only – Mail & Wire Fraud

Federal prosecution for mail and wire fraud concluded after three years of litigation for a probation-only sentence.

Probation Only – 3rd Degree Assault & 6th Degree Larceny

The Maddox Law Firm wins a probation-only sentence and reduced charges to Assault 3rd Degree and Larceny 6th Degree for a man with prior criminal history and originally charged with felony counts of Robbery and Risk of Injury.

Obtains Accelerated Rehabilitation

Firm obtains Accelerated Rehabilitation for college student charged with Burglary, Interfering with Police, and Conspiracy, putting him on track to complete dismissal and erasure of charges.

Won Diversion – DWI

Diversion from prosecution won for client charged with DWI while allegedly driving over 100MPH.

Obtains Family Violence Education Program

Firm obtains order of Family Violence Education Program for client charged with two separate domestic violence incidents, including Violation of Protective Order.

What Our Clients Say

“Matthew’s law firm is very diligent, professional and on point with the work that they do. Matthew makes it easy for you to feel at ease no matter the situation. His firm offers a great line of communication and both he and his staff are assessable if and when needed.”

-Aneceia D.

“I highly recommend Matthew Maddox and his law firm. Matthew is extremely experienced and knowledgeable, and from your first meeting with him, you feel confident that he can help you. He genuinely cares about his clients and is always available to answer questions or just give a pep talk if needed.“

– Laura M.