First, Let’s Talk About You

You don’t have a “case.” You have a problem. Your problem is one of two kinds: either you’ve been in an accident that has left you seriously injured, or you’ve been arrested in Connecticut.

You’re here because you need a solution to your problem. You’re here because you want a law firm that responds quickly, thoroughly, intelligently, compassionately, and with obvious energy.

You are also here because you want a response that contains a promise. The promise of reliability, devotion to your cause, and authentic desire to advocate for you. You want the promise of the highest level of attention to detail, service, communication, and advocacy. You want, at a bare minimum, a law firm that responds to others for you. This is basic advocacy.

But you need much more than that. You need a law firm that ensures that others who are either part of your solution or part of your problem are dealt with correctly. This includes corporations, insurers, law enforcement officers, and all of the “others” who either will help you along your way or try to stand in your way.

The response that you require from your law firm is founded on consistency, follow-up, patience, and insight.

Sometimes, though, the response requires courageous, well-thought-out legal aggression. This means an organized, forceful application of strength. A strategically conducted battle. This is also why you’re here.

You need a law firm that responds: with patience, compassion, intelligence and strength – to you and for you – all the time, every day.

About Us – And What We Can Do For You

The Maddox Law Firm is a full-service criminal defense and personal injury litigation law firm. Our attorneys, support personnel, and alternative dispute resolution professionals are tenacious, compassionate, dedicated, and responsive.

We work at all levels of the legal system – local, state, and federal. We have attorneys licensed to practice in Connecticut, New York, and the Federal District Court of Connecticut.

From representation in court to general advice and counsel, we plan for every eventuality. We pride ourselves on our alliance with you – responding to you and for you. We work with you to create detailed, whole strategies specifically designed to help you attain your objectives.

We are your champions with more than 70 years of combined excellence. We utilize every weapon in our arsenal to advocate for you, protect you, and win for you. Our team exhausts every means and method to ensure that our promise to you is fulfilled.

Every member of our team focuses on how we can best use our extensive record of successes and legal knowledge on your behalf. You can learn more about each of our attorneys by following the links below:

Our Approach To Each Case And Client

Our firm’s approach is based on a foundation of intellect, experience, desire, courage, and accountability. We are a 21st-century law firm. Families and individuals not only seek legal representation, but a trusted advisor who can help them make good, informed decisions. We have created a network of local professionals who are highly respected in our community for this exact purpose. From health care clinicians to alcohol or substance use counseling, to asset management and even employment advice, we will follow up with you and direct you to the right professional even after your matter has concluded.

Our Community Contribution

Every one of our team members is driven by a strong work ethic and an even stronger sense of community. We started on this mission to help people, and it is one we are determined to continue. The Maddox Law Firm provides education and information about the legal system, as well as social issues and prevention, through volunteer work as well as seminars and workshops.

As part of the Juvenile Review Board, our primary goal is to assist young individuals in staying on the right path and improving their lives. It’s not uncommon for teenagers and young adults who have run afoul of the law to have a complex background and face significant social and clinical challenges. In addition, many families lack knowledge regarding juvenile delinquency, teen pregnancy, and drug abuse. Providing education and guidance to young people is one of the most effective ways to create a brighter future for everyone involved.
The Marian Work Study Corporation offers a unique chance for chosen students to participate in an internship program with a corporate mentor in New Haven and Fairfield counties. This program allows students to acquire valuable professional experience while still attending school. By taking part in the program, they can earn one academic credit. The students are evaluated twice a year, providing the necessary feedback to continue their growth and progress in their academic and professional endeavors.
Our utmost priority is to provide comprehensive information to our community regarding the various legal options for tackling challenging situations. We believe in fostering a deep understanding of complex topics such as gun laws, insurance policies, substance abuse, and mental health issues. Our commitment to sharing information is unwavering, and we strive to empower individuals with the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions.
The Senior Internship Program is a highly beneficial initiative that enables high school students to gain firsthand experience in their preferred industries by connecting them with potential employers. The program is tailored to meet each student’s unique skills and interests and typically spans 3-4 weeks, with the schedule coinciding with the end of the academic year. This program is designed to equip students with practical skills that can be applied in their future careers and helps them to gain insight into various industries.
Lead Speaker & Panelist
This commendable nonprofit organization supports substance-free living and advocates for healthy decision-making among New Canaan teenagers. One of the notable figures in this organization is lead speaker Attorney Maddox, who renders invaluable insights on how making positive decisions can safeguard New Canaan teens and establish a solid foundation for their future. Attorney Maddox covers crucial topics such as underage drinking and substance use, networking opportunities, and achieving success in their careers. Additionally, Attorney Maddox served as a moderator and panelist for several Fathers’ Forums.

A Message From Our Founder, Matthew Maddox

As a kid, I was fascinated by the Knights of the Round Table and the stories of Arthur, Lancelot, Gawain, Merlin, and Camelot. In some ways, I still think sometimes in terms of heroes and villains, honor and courage.

Over my years of learning, making mistakes, and improving my skills as a trial lawyer, I learned how to win and after some time, to do so convincingly.

We can conquer, in some sense even ruthlessly, if the circumstances and the opposition’s behavior warrant that we conquer.

But, I also learned to practice forbearing from bringing the full force of my abilities in every circumstance. Sometimes, to advance our people and our mission, holding back can do more for their present and future. It requires experience to know when to pause and when to launch.

Grace and graciousness are essential to what we do, and grace toward the people who seek our advocacy, protection, imagination, and strength is an elegant hallmark of our firm’s work.

While preparing for battle, planning the battle, and surveying the field, we safeguard the people who need us. We do so with kindness, insight, and compassion. Whenever we can, as much as we possibly can, we will be gracious and kind to the opposition; until they force us to no longer be.

Open Letter To The Opposition

We are always ready to accept your collaboration, and, if necessary, your surrender.

We are compassionate, gracious, and respectful. We know from many decades of combined experience that communication and cooperation produce resolutions that serve our people, conserve time and money, and safeguard futures.

Prove yourself untrustworthy, unresponsive, and unfair, and we will respond professionally and intelligently with all the force that our highly trained, vastly experienced team can deliver.

I invite you to cooperate and work with us to find a solution. If you accept, we will solve the problem.

Our principal attorney is fluent in Spanish and French. Our paralegals and support personnel are fluent in Spanish. We have four offices throughout Fairfield County, including in New Canaan.

Meet Our Team

Meet the team of The Maddox Law Firm. How important is it to you to have a lawyer who is dedicated to your case every step of the way?

James R. Miron

Managing Attorney

Kyla Seleno

Director of Communications

Nydia Serrano


Jennifer Marte


Angel Torres


Tessa Garcia

Legal Assistant

Gillian Gerraughty

Legal Assistant

Christian Rosendahl

Client Intake Coordinator & Concierge

Susan Marciano

Client Relations Manager

Heily Santiago

Administrative Assistant

Cassius aka "Cash"

Legal Assistant

Talk To Us About Your Legal Needs During An Initial Consultation

The Maddox Law Firm has offices in New Canaan, Bridgeport, Norwalk and Stamford, and we serve clients throughout the surrounding areas of Connecticut. We also have an office in Hawthorne, New York. We are pleased to offer free initial consultations in personal injury matters. To schedule your first meeting, call us at (203) 822-6610 or reach out online.