Susan Marciano

About Susan Marciano

Meet OurClient Relations Manager

With an extensive history in client relations as an executive assistant for 10+ years in Commercial Real Estate, Media, Pharma, Cosmetics, and Financial Services, Susan is known for her big heart and attentive communication style. Her unmistakable empathy is of the highest caliber; chances are you may have spoken with her on the phone before!

As the Client Relations Manager for the firm, Susan listens to our clients’ life-changing situations, difficulties, and concerns while thoroughly transcribing the details. She guarantees accuracy at the very beginning of your contact with The Maddox Law Firm, LLC, so our team wastes no time in advocating for you, relieving the weight and stress of the prospect of navigating your difficulties alone. Additionally, Susan is a Connecticut Notary Public.

In her free time, Susan gets mentally and physically fit through outdoor activities, travels to broaden her knowledge of cultures and people, and encourages self-care through mindfulness by reading true-life stories, investing and self-healing/improvement books.

“People who call our firm are generally in crisis mode. They need help immediately and want to be heard. Their initial interaction with any professional should be comforting and compassionate, and we make sure that happens every time they contact us.”

– Susan Marciano