Spring Introduces New Driving Hazards

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February 20, 2020
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February 20, 2020
By Matthew Maddox / February 20, 2020

We’ve long awaited the springtime. Now that the snow has melted, some of us may be tempted to speed down roadways.

But, while the roads may no longer be slicked with ice, the springtime is still full of new driving hazards to watch out for. Here are just a few of them.


After being cooped up all winter, motorcyclists are itching to get out on their bikes during the spring. You’re liable to start hearing and seeing them pop up everywhere – especially on beautiful days.

While riders aren’t necessarily bad drivers, they can cause some challenges. It is more difficult for automobile drivers to recognize motorcycles even when they are looking directly at them. This is because of the small size and shape of the vehicle.

Further, motor vehicle drivers often have a difficult time judging how fast a motorcycle is traveling or checking for them in their blind spot. These issues have contributed to many motorcycle accidents, which are more likely to be fatal than other types of crashes.


Another reason that motorcyclists and other drivers should be careful on spring roads is because of the potholes that may be in them. The cold of the winter often causes roads to crack, after ice and snow seep into these cracks, it warms and causes the cracks to expand. This can lead to potholes and other cracks that make driving difficult.

Cars that hit potholes my dent the rim on their wheel, causing the air from a tire to leak and go flat. Motorcycles that hit deep potholes could lose their balance and spin out or propel forward.

Road construction

Because of the poor conditions of the roads that winter leaves behind, road construction is another common hazard in the springtime. You may be used to traveling at high speeds on a certain part of the highway, but this could cause serious damage if there are construction workers out in the area.

Always take note of adjusted speed limits while traveling in a construction zone.

Teen drivers

School is soon to be out! That means more teens will be out and about with friends or learning to drive. Teen drivers have more difficult thinking ahead about the consequences of their actions – especially in irregular circumstances.

Try to take extra caution while backing up and if you see a teen driver on the road, give them plenty of space. This may prevent a costly accident and help you enjoy more of your spring!