Personal Injury Litigation: “You Can Do Better”

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February 20, 2020
Quid Pro Quo
February 20, 2020
By Matthew Maddox / February 20, 2020

After weeks of negotiations, it seemed as though I had reached the final stages, negotiating a settlement of a personal injury case. I told our client, and she said the figures sounded reasonable.

I told Stephany Eastmond, a paralegal and law student who is a member of the Maddox Law team. And do you know what she said?

You can do better.

I loved hearing that from her. More important than her confidence in me, it said everything that needed to be said about her drive and how our Firm advocates for our people. I LOVED it.

So, I went back to the mammoth insurance company and the exasperated, incredulous adjuster and told him that we couldn’t settle. I told him our number.

He said “No”.

I said, “OK”. We’ll put it suit. Our client can tell her story, I told him. She’s sincere and she’s been through a lot. I told him that a jury will get it even if he didn’t.

Two days after that conversation, the insurer deployed a new adjuster – a “manager”. The numbers inched up.

Then, another couple of rungs up the authority ladder, the manager’s boss called.

We kept informing our client every step of the way. I could hear her smiling on the last couple of calls.

And we still won her more. That was when she outright laughed over the phone.

Yes, most personal injury lawsuits settle. But, does your law firm settle? At what point does your law firm stop, and why do they stop?

Hire a law firm that doesn’t stop. Contact the Maddox Law Firm today.