3 major expenses inspired by TBIs caused by car wrecks

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November 7, 2023
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By Matthew Maddox / November 9, 2023

Motor vehicle collisions are one of the leading causes of traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). People who experience blunt force trauma, violent vehicle motions or explosions can end up with a TBI after the crash.

A TBI can result in catastrophic consequences for someone’s health and their finances. There are a variety of ways in which a TBI caused by a collision could lead to financial challenges for a crash survivor and their immediate family. The following are the biggest expenses commonly associated with TBIs caused by car wrecks.

Medical costs

There is no cure for a TBI, but proper medical intervention can prevent an injury from worsening and help someone acclimate to their symptoms. In some cases, people require an extended stay at a hospital for trauma care. Surgical procedures are sometimes necessary, and patients may need rehabilitative support after their initial trauma. The cost of someone’s lifetime medical care for a TBI will depend on their age and the severity of the injury. The average expenses range from $85,000 to more than $3 million.

Lost wages and lost earning potential

Someone hospitalized because of a TBI will not be able to work until their condition improves. Some people will lose out on income for months after a car crash. Even when returning to work becomes possible, many adults will find that they cannot command the same wages they previously earned. A brain injury can cause a variety of symptoms that can affect people in careers ranging from blue-collar professions to executive roles. Many people find that their earning potential drops even if they don’t have a protracted loss of income due to the symptoms they experience.

The cost of accommodations

People need their lives to accommodate the functional limitations created by a TBI. The accommodations that they require could range from wheelchair-accessible vehicles to first-floor bedrooms and bathrooms because of newfound equilibrium challenges. The cost of obtaining such accommodations can add up to many thousands of dollars.

Those adjusting to life with a TBI or providing support for a loved one with such an injury often require financial compensation to offset the economic impact of the injury they’ve suffered. Determining how much a TBI will ultimately cost and pursuing compensation with the assistance of an attorney accordingly, is often crucial for those trying to mitigate their losses after a crash caused by another’s negligence.