Senators Flake, Corker And The Connecticut Auto Accident Law Group Mission

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October 16, 2020
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By Matthew Maddox / October 26, 2020

Some lawyers are like Jeff Flake and Bob Corker.  They choose the path of least resistance.  If this sounds overly simplistic, I don’t apologize for the simplicity.  I’ve followed these two Senators’ public statements and I’ve read a broad spectrum of media comments about their – comments.

There’s a lot of complicated trouble in what underlies these two Senators’ words, but one thing that’s fundamentally troubling is the surrender.

There are lawyers who won’t practice in certain G.A.’s (general area courts), because they don’t like the way that they’re treated by prosecutors or judges there.   There are people who call themselves trial lawyers who actually avoid conflict.  Those lawyers choose a degree of peace over fighting and advocacy.  I get it.  Life is about choices and quality of life is important.

But, either you’re an advocate or you’re not.  Either you fight or you don’t.  Either you find a way to innovate for what you do and what you believe in or you yield.

Innovation is the introduction of something new.  It’s a new method, idea or device.

Litigation and advocacy demand resilience, determination and innovation.

It actually is that simple.

The Maddox Law Firm, LLC isn’t for the Corkers of the world.  We’re not going to avoid a court or a situation just because they’re hard and the odds are against us.  Our people need us to be more than that, and we are.