We Can’t Cure Your Broken Heart, But…

3 Things To Know In Order To Handle Your Connecticut Personal Injury Case By Yourself
February 19, 2020
What Is My Connecticut Personal Injury Case Worth?
February 19, 2020
By Matthew Maddox / February 19, 2020

Has your heart been broken or seriously injured because of someone’s negligent, reckless or intentional conduct?

At the Maddox Law Firm, we know how that feels. We’ve had our hearts broken. We know the pain and anguish of unrequited love and love stories that have become horror stories.

Sadly, as much as we would love to help soothe your aching soul this Valentine’s Day, we can’t.

But, what we CAN help you with is your serious Connecticut personal injury case. How do we do that? By giving you the constant attention, dedication and devoted representation that you need.

Are you looking for a true relationship with your law firm? The Maddox Law Firm, LLC creates a relationship with our seriously injured clients and that relationship is constantly moving forward. We check in. We fight relentlessly for you. It’s you and us against the world.

We make insurance companies write checks that they never thought they’d have to write.

And that’s way better than flowers, chocolate or even a pretty little bracelet – on Valentine’s Day or any day.

Call the Maddox Law Firm today if a Connecticut accident has left you broken or seriously injured.