Does Your Firm Give A Damn About You

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February 24, 2020
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February 24, 2020
By Matthew Maddox / February 24, 2020

Trial lawyers actually argue about whether and how to be human beings.

One of the hallmarks of human behavior is emotional connection with other human beings. Unless you’re a sociopath, most people emotionally, personally connect with others.

But not all lawyers do and some lawyers even insist that a personal connection can diminish representation by limiting objectivity.

You can be emotionally invested and still exercise the discipline of objectivity.

Here’s what we believe at The Maddox Law Firm, LLC: you can’t truly advocate for a client if you don’t have a personal connection.

If you don’t have a real relationship with a client, which means knowing their story, what they need, what they believe and how profoundly, emotionally important your relationship is to them, then go get another job. One that requires minimal human contact – maybe measuring permafrost all by yourself on the tundra.

Lawyering is a combination of science, art, poetry, philosophy and for some – even religion. You can’t be a relentless, unstoppable advocate by adding up numbers and data.

If want to be absolutely, 100% sure that your lawyer has a personal connection to you and your case…if you want a law firm that gives a damn, call The Maddox Law Firm, LLC.