Common Car Accident Injuries

The Pain And Suffering Of A Connecticut Automobile Accident
February 19, 2020
Motor Vehicle Accidents Cause More Than Physical Injuries
February 19, 2020
By Matthew Maddox / February 19, 2020

Being in a car accident is an emotionally traumatizing event. Victims in Connecticut may struggle to get behind the wheel again or even ride along as a passenger. This may be even more difficult for those who suffered serious injuries. Here are just a few injuries commonly associated with car accidents for which victims might need to file personal injury claims.

Of all accident-related injuries, head injuries are some of the most dangerous. Traumatic brain injuries can cause both short-term and long-term cognitive problems, and hearing and vision loss are also not uncommon. It is not only severe brain injuries that cause life-long problems, either. Even seemingly mild injuries like concussions can have lasting damage. The brain is such an essential part of the human body, and any injury may lead to devastating consequences.

Neck injuries are also quite serious. Whiplash is relatively common in rear-end collisions, but a common injury is not necessarily a minor injury. Neck injuries that involve rapid movement with the neck and head cause damage to the ligaments and muscles, both of which are very painful. Injuries to the neck are even known to cause temporary cases of vocal cord paralysis as well as permanent vocal cord damage.

Even in minor car accidents, serious injuries can still occur. Victims may rack up piles of medical debt in very short periods of time as they seek treatment for their injuries. Medical bills are hard enough for Connecticut residents to pay back as is, but those who have to take time off work find it especially difficult to do so. This is why it is so important for car accident victims to consider how successfully pursued personal injury lawsuits might benefit them.