Burglaries rise during the summer time

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August 12, 2019
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By Matthew Maddox / August 14, 2019

Property thefts tend to increase during the summer for many reasons. One of those could be better weather, which makes it more convenient to steal. While it’s not easy for owners to keep watch on their properties 24/7, they may have to during the summer.

Burglars are very strategic. They focus on big targets which are easy to pull off.

There are many actions you can take to ensure you are not within this category.

Who do burglars target?

Whether it’s your car or your home, burglars will search for anything that may lead to an open entrance. They will scour around your home to look for an open window, even if it’s just a crack that can be pried open.

One mistake homeowners make is to leave a spare key hidden around their homes. Some thieves study their victims’ schedules, such as: when they’re leaving for work, coming back from work, or leaving for the gym. If you’re using that spare key regularly, the clever burglar may see you.

Burglars mostly target people who are on vacation. This is because they can enter through an unseen entrance and take their time to find the most valuable items. They usually try different tactics to see how the homeowner or neighbors will react before proceeding with their plans.

Some of those tactics include:

· Throwing a rock through a window

· Driving around the neighborhood

· Walking around the neighborhood in plain clothes versus athletic gear

· Random doorbell rings and leaving before someone comes to the door

What do they target?

Burglars tend to go for cash, jewelry and electronics. They are also more likely to break into your home during the daytime versus at night. The best time for burglars is between 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. in the afternoon. This is the time when parents are at work and the kids are at school.

How to avoid being targeted?

There are many actions homeowners can take to lessen their chances of being targeted by burglars. Some of those include:

· If you’re going on vacation, make your home look lived in. You can do this by asking your neighbor to keep up your yard and take out your garbage

· When you leave for vacation, remember to also leave a light on and leave your car parked where it usually is in the driveway

· Lock all doors and windows

· Don’t leave a spare key around the house

· Install door and window alarms

While nothing can really stop someone from breaking into your home, taking these precautions may decrease your chances of being targeted.