Joe Arpaio’s Pardon
August 29, 2018
Newland v. Commissioner of Corrections
May 1, 2019
By Matthew Maddox / January 28, 2019

C.S. Lewis wrote about our soul-level instinct for fairness in his work, “Mere Christianity”.  That definitive element of our conscience, according to Mr. Lewis, proved the existence of God.

All of us, from an extraordinarily early age, somehow understand when we are not being treated fairly.

We have an innate sense of justice.

The visceral feeling that things aren’t fair lacerates a densely woven bundle of nerves in our humanness.

The people who work with me at the Maddox Law Firm and I, see and live the anguish that burns when our clients, our people, feel that they are being treated unfairly.  We experience that anguish every, single day.

Whether there is actual injustice, or the appearance of injustice, we are constantly in the fight for fairness, and it is an extraordinary privilege.

This past week, we took on the defense of a young black man who was charged with interfering with police.  It was alleged that he refused to open his car door for a police officer, but the officer hadn’t stated what his purpose was in speaking to our client, or even requested the young man’s identification.

We fought over the unfairness of an insurance company arbitrarily claiming shared fault for a grievously serious accident where the evidence that we found showed that their insured was 100% at fault.

And we launched a lawsuit over outrageously defamatory statements made against another of our people.

At the Maddox Law Firm, we strive and we thrive in the vortex of life; that spinning, often scalding maelstrom where we storm-chase for fairness.

The anguish of  unfairness vibrates in us at our most primal center.  The Maddox Law Firm, LLC understands it.  We are provoked by it and we welcome the provocation.  If you or someone in your family, or someone whom you care sincerely about requires the advocacy of a firm that lives in  the fight for fairness, call us.