Do you need these experts in your personal injury case?

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By Matthew Maddox / October 12, 2022

Do you feel like your car accident was clean cut? Do you think that it’s obvious that another driver’s negligence caused your accident? If you answered “yes” to these questions, you’re ready to take legal action in hopes of recovering compensation for the damages that you have suffered. Although one of these claims might bring you the financial relief that you need, they aren’t always as easy as they may seem.

There are a lot of reasons why personal injury claims like yours are challenged so aggressively. Sometimes, the defendant believes that they can escape liability or at least reduce it by presenting evidence that you’re partially to blame for the accident. In other instances, the defendant simply thinks that you’re blowing your damages out of proportion, and they, therefore, argue to minimize what they have to pay you.

How expert testimony can help your claim

To help support your case and decrease the impact that the defense arguments have on your claim, you might want to consider securing expert testimony. This testimony tends to carry a significant amount of weight with the judge and jury, which can increase your chances of achieving the outcome that you desire. Here are three types of experts that you may need on your side as you navigate your case:

  • Medical expert: If your damages are going to be drawn into question, and they probably are, you might want to have a medical expert on your side who can paint a clear picture not only of the injuries that you sustained but also your need for future care and treatment. This can help establish the financial resources that you’ll need to cover those expenses as well as demonstrate the amount of pain and suffering that you’ll have to deal with as you move forward.
  • Accident reconstruction expert: Even if you think that the facts of your case are simple, there can be nuances that jeopardize your case. So, if your accident involved multiple vehicles or causation is in question, you might want to consider acquiring testimony from one of these witnesses. These experts are skilled in physics, and as such, they can apply science to the facts of your accident to reach a determination about fault. Their report can be persuasive in court as you’re trying to establish liability.
  • Employment expert: Don’t forget that your lost wages and anticipated lost wages can make up a significant part of your damages. But when you’re looking forward, it can be hard to calculate what you’ll lose. An expert in your field of employment can be helpful, though. Here, the expert may be able to testify as to how your injuries will affect your ability to return to work, work in the same position that you held before your accident and advance in your career.

Building the comprehensive case that you need

There are a lot of moving parts to your personal injury case. If you want to maximize your chances of succeeding on your claim and recovering the full amount of compensation that you need, you have to make sure that you adequately address each of them. That can be a stressful thought, especially when you’re just trying to focus on your recovery.

The good news is that aggressive law firms like ours stand ready to help you fight to protect your interests. So, if you’re ready to figure out how best to approach your case, now may be the best time for you to reach out to a legal team that you think is right for you and your case.