Accelerated Pretrial Rehabilitation, “A. R.”

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October 2, 2019
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Connecticut Diversion from Prosecution Programs

Accelerated Pretrial Rehabilitation, “A. R.”

If you’re what’s commonly referred to as a Connecticut first-time offender, we know that you’re going through a lot right now. You’re probably worried about your job, your reputation and frankly, what’s the quickest, easiest and best way to get out of your situation.

Accelerated Rehabilitation, or A.R., is a Connecticut law that permits a Connecticut first-time offender to avoid prosecution.

In order to receive A.R., a judge must find must find two things:

1. that the charges against you aren’t of such a serious nature as to prevent you from receiving A.R.

2. The judge must also find that you’re not likely to break the law in the future.

One immediate advantage of applying for A.R. is that your file is sealed from public record. This protects you from anyone who may want to look at your file in the clerk’s office and it also means that on the Connecticut Judicial Branch Website, the charges against you will not be visible.

If you’re granted A.R., you can be placed under the supervision of Adult Probation for up to two years without pleading guilty. The judge may impose certain conditions upon you such as community service, or a financial contribution to a charity, counseling, or proof of paying back an alleged victim, commonly referred-to as restitution.

If you receive the privilege of A.R., and you comply with everything that’s been asked of you, your case is dismissed. Under Connecticut law, a dismissal permits you to state that you’ve never been arrested.

Here’s one more thing for you to know about A.R.: you can receive it twice. As long as your first A.R. was for a misdemeanor and your second arrest is ten years or more later, you can apply for the privilege again.

If you’re an alleged Connecticut first-time offender, you should make sure to enlist the representation of an experienced criminal defense law firm that can inform you of all of your options to resolve your case. Whether you intend to fight the charges against you or apply for A.R., the Maddox Law Firm is prepared to protect, advocate for you and defend you. Call us today.

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