Criminal defense: Police arrest man accused of theft

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November 18, 2019
Criminal defense: 18-year-old arrested for burglary
January 13, 2020
By Matthew Maddox / December 16, 2019

New Canaan police recently arrested a man they believe was involved in a theft that occurred over two years ago. The out-of-state man is facing first-degree charges for both burglary and larceny, both of which may require a thorough criminal defense plan. He is also still in police custody, and a judge set his bond at $50,000 for each of the charges.

Back on July 4, 2017, police were made aware of a burglary at a local home. They responded to the call at approximately 11:30 p.m. to investigate, although at the time they were not able to determine who was responsible for the act. However, it was determined that the items taken were worth $80,000 in total.

Police noticed that several of the items stolen that had been stolen from the home showed up on eBay in April 2018. The items were not advertised by an individual, but rather by a pawn shop. Further investigation led police to believe that the person who had committed the burglary had also sold the items to a pawn shop in a neighboring state. Authorities were able to obtain an arrest warrant after identifying the man who had brought in those items. Police in his local state took him into custody, after which he was turned over into the custody of New Canaan police.

Defendants who are charged for incidents that allegedly took place several years in the past may not feel as if the situation is very serious. This is a misconception, and if a supposed crime took place within the statute of limitations, defendants still need to be as prepared as possible for the coming court proceedings. While there are different approaches to doing so, many find that beginning criminal defense planning with a thorough review of all charges and evidence to be very helpful.