3 Must-Follow Social Media and Email Rules

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February 24, 2020
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March 10, 2020
By Matthew Maddox / March 2, 2020

People like to share. It’s sweet and cute.

Can you hear me gagging? I am.

There’s nothing sweet or cute about sharing when it comes your personal, private data, information and opinions. Our clients, (our people), post about almost everything that they do and think. And then, there’s the emails: massive emails overflowing with information and implications.

The next time that you sign into Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or start a PhD dissertation-length email, read the following rules and be guided accordingly:

1) Keep it short. And once you’re sure that it’s short, make it shorter. Edit, edit, edit. The more that you write, the more likely that at some point in the future, you’ll regret what you wrote and you’ll offend someone you actually care about offending.

2) Especially when it comes to emails, follow Rule #1 above, and don’t include any private information about your relationships or your finances. If a professional under contract with you needs private or financial information, then deliver it in person, over the phone, or at least in a password protected communication.

3) Assume that anything that you post or email will be read in court someday. The number of times that our Firm has used opposing party’s or witnesses’ social posts or emails against them in litigation is just about dizzying. And, yes, the bad guys have done the same thing to our own people whom we work so hard to protect and defend. But, we can’t protect you from your own literary brilliance if you’ve written things that are relevant to your case.

Sharing is sweet when it’s at home and whispered lovingly and carefully. Ugh. It’s not OK when it’s online.

Share guacamole. Share m&m’s. Don’t share personal, financial or any other information or opinion that you wouldn’t post on a highway billboard for the rest of your life.

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