How Do I Know If A Personal Injury Suit Is Right For Me?

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February 20, 2020
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By Matthew Maddox / February 20, 2020

Suffering a serious injury is more than just a physical experience. Connecticut victims injured in car accidents or in any number of other situations also have to face the very real emotional and financial problems as well. You may already understand that dealing with these damages on your own is too much, but you might not be sure whether a personal injury is right for you. Here are a few things you may want to take into account.

Like most people, you already understand that injuries caused by car accidents are considered personal injuries. However, so are injuries caused by dog bites, misdiagnosed illnesses and situations caused by another person’s inattentiveness or failure to follow the law. You can recover financial damages for these and other types of personal injuries.

Regardless of the situation in which you were injured, you may still feel hesitant about moving forward with the process. If this is because your actions partly contributed to the accident, you might worry that trying to get compensation is pointless. In reality, so long as the other person was 51% or more responsible, then you should still consider moving forward with your claim. The amount of compensation you receive will be adjusted to reflect that both parties were at least partly responsible.

These feelings of concern and worry are understandable, but you should not spend so much time worrying that you miss out on an important opportunity. In Connecticut, you generally only have two years to file a personal injury lawsuit. Some insurance companies may even try to discourage you from seeking this option by offering you a settlement. However, since your needs and damages are unique to your situation, you should be sure to explore the various options at your disposal, including pursuing a personal injury claim.