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April 30, 2018
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May 30, 2018
By Matthew Maddox / May 21, 2018

You never want to have to go to a place called “Baggage Tracing”.

Baggage Tracing is where people wonder in the same way that you’re wondering, “what happened to my luggage”? Yes, there are computer terminals, tags and numbers, but they wonder just the same.

I sat and waited while the German airline that, along with the good will of Italian airport employees, now enlisted Asian customer service people in the State of New York, U.S.A., to find my daughter’s luggage and the suitcases of about forty other passengers.

I marveled at the interruption in peoples’ lives and the expense of it all.

What if they had gotten it right the first time? What if the airplane folks had simply done the job carefully, and maybe just a tick more slowly in the first place?

They wouldn’t have to pay so many customer service people to “trace” my daughter’s luggage. Maybe if it didn’t happen so regularly, they would need only one computer terminal and one desk and one chair. Maybe they would need smaller space and save money on JFK airport rent.

One thing is for certain – they wouldn’t have to reimburse passengers for their interim clothing purchases while the wearied travelers waited for the baggage tracing magic to work.

And then there’s the lost future business. How many of those passenger won’t fly their airline again?

Getting it right the first time saves in so many direct and domino-effect ways.

Is your law firm getting it right the first time? Is your law firm diligently focused, deliberately, and maybe even obsessively concerned about the details?

At the Maddox Law Firm, LLC, nobody gets an “A” for speed. They get an A for accuracy. Speed without accuracy necessarily results in overlooked details, objectives and client priorities. When we can serve our people accurately and quickly, then sure, give us an “A+”.

Make certain that your Law Firm is driven to get it right the first time. That means committing the energy and professionalism to pay attention to absolutely everything. That means that nothing is unimportant.

If you’re not confident that a Law Firm that you are considering for your representation is hyper-focused on delivering the absolute highest level of representation and advocacy from the very first moment that you enter their office, then call us. You’ll experience the difference as soon as you talk with us and we’ll save you a trip to Baggage Tracing.