There were


DWI cases

pending in Connecticut * Between 2014 and 2015 there were 10,438 DWI cases open in the state of Connecticut. This included cases in the Alcohol Education Program.


of juvenile cases

resulted in arrests* For year ending 6/30/2015, there were 10,527 delinquency matters and 4,269 family with service needs cases open in Connecticut. Juvenile arrests can have far reaching consequences for a child’s well-being and education.

Traffic Accidents Caused



in 2014 * The CDC reported 35,398 motor vehicle traffic deaths in 2014. Newsweek reported roughly 4.4 million traffic injuries that required medical care in 2015.

Personal Injury

Have You Been Seriously Injured?

  • When you’re facing serious injury, your worries can seem overwhelming.
  • Will you recover? How will your recovery affect your family?
  • How will you afford your health care expenses?
  • Will your life be forever changed? If so, how do you even begin to find the financial compensation that you and your family need?

Criminal Defense

Do You Need Criminal Defense?

  • Once you’ve been arrested for a DWI/DUI, Drug Crime, Assault, or another matter that requires criminal defense,your next decisions can have lifelong consequences.
  • What will happen to your reputation and your job? Your family? Your freedom? You need an attorney who knows how to handle a complicated situation when what matters to you most is on the line.
  • How do you know that your attorney has the necessary experience, results and ability to protect your freedom and your family?

Civil Litigation

Are You Involved In A Civil Case?

  • The anxiety, worry and financial threat of complex civil litigation causes many people to seek short term solutions instead of long term strategy.
  • Are your savings, your company or your assets being threatened by a lawsuit?
    Do you have to sue an individual or corporation that has breached a contract or engaged in deceptive business practices?
  • Your issues require the skill of an experienced trial law firm that knows how to protect you and your assets and recover what is rightfully yours.


Do You Need Help With The Immigration Process?

  • The U.S. immigration process has become increasingly complex.
  • Is your American dream in jeopardy? Are you facing deportation?  Are you unsure of your rights?
  • We advocate and protect you and your family and we will fight for your immigration goals and peace of mind.